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Twitch Shopping Network F.A.Q.

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to tag the FAQ creator, Lolo aka Losav on twitch, or any of the mods! You can also email

- How do I place an order?

Whisper DSKoopacheckout with your item selections, email address, and make sure to answer them if they ask you to clarify your selection! You will be sent a paypal invoice sometime after the stream ends to fill out your payment information and address!

- I'm new to Twitch, how do I whisper/ what is whispering?

Whispering is twitch's name for direct messaging, and you can do so either by selecting the chat icon on desktop or mobile and typing in the dskoopacheckout username,

or by using the in-chat command  "/w dskoopacheckout (insert your message here)" I do not advise the latter method, as if you mistype the command, you just doxxed yourself! Whoops!

Only do that if you are having an exceedingly difficult time finding the chat icon, and I would recommend sending a test message first just containing your selection before sending your email!

- I don't have a PayPal account, what do I do?

You do not need a paypal account to pay a invoice sent through paypal! In this case, it acts as the secure payment client, no account needed.

- I messaged the DSKoopacheckout account but have not heard back yet? How long will it take?

Please be patient with the staff members operating the DSKoopacheckout account,

They are a handful of actual, real people in the back of the store working through a high volume of orders, so please understand there will be a delay before someone responds to you!

Double check you have whispered at the right account, and as long as you have, you will be taken care of!

- Can you check if you have a specific product for me?

Unfortunately, due to the high amount of viewers, individual requests are unable to be accommodated in this way, please just keep your eyes peeled during the stream!

- Why can't I buy *insert item here*??

Pink Gorilla Games strives to keep an excellent selection of games in stock at their two physical locations for their dedicated customer base in the Seattle Area, so certain high ticket, high demand, or rare items (and most consoles) will likely be excluded from the TSN special.

This TSN series is the first couple of times Cody and Kelsey have opened up the general inventory for purchase online, and they absolutely have the right to prioritize the needs of their IRL, repeat customers! They want to keep the stores looking good, I hope you understand!

- What about shipping? Do you ship internationally?


International Shipping is kinda expensive, likely at least $20 USD, but you can inquire to ask for a quote for shipping to your area!